3 – Embellishments

3 – Embellishments


Truly personalise and embellish a plaque by including graphics that have meaning and purpose, whether it be a logo, a favourite flower, an animal or object, or maybe it is an elegant and personally drawn art design.

If your graphic can be drawn with pen or within a computer application, it will be able to be included in your plaque design.

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Font-Text_Styles-626x576Once you have chosen the wording, you will need to to choose the font, size, format and layout for the design.

Consider what font styles and sizes will enhance the comprehension of the reader.

They can include LARGER or bolder text for prominence; elaborate wedding script style text for an elegant title line; clearly readable body text , or italics to distinguish  “comments or quotes”.

All of our bronze plaques / memorial plaques are custom made. They can be designed to your specific needs and contain the text you require.

We can accommodate virtually any content you may desire.

Take a look at some of Our Plaque Designs and if you do not see one that appeals to your purpose, please call our designers – we have a no cost and no obligation policy, and are here to assist you.

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