1 – Plaque Types

1 – Plaque Types

 Standard Flat Plaques

The Standard flat plaque is suitable for any occasion or purpose. Most commonly used for memorials, headstones and commemorative tribute purposes to:

Design a Standard flat tribute plaque with border with your text content and size requirements or Design a Custom flat memorial plaque for alternative shapes, backgrounds and colours and submit for a quote. Our friendly and experienced team of bronze plaque designers will contact you.


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Book Style Plaques

We have two book style plaques most commonly used for creating the sense of a story being told, the Flat book – which can be cast to custom size requirements and Raised book – which is cast to a standard specific size.

Flat Book

The Flat Book styled plaque is a flat plaque approximately 8mm in depth, that contains a book page styled border.

Raised Book

The Raised book (loose leaf) plaque is cast to have its edges portray the shape of book pages layering up to the face of the plaque and has a substantial depth of approximately 30mm.

The Raised Book style comes with two face formats

  • Single full page front
  • Two half page front


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 Bevelled Edge Plaques

Choose a bevelled edge plaque when you want to give your plaque the sense of an elevated appearance or if the plaque is to be placed horizontally.

The edges of a bevelled edge plaque slope away from the feature face to the perimeter making the face wider than the outer edges. The bevelled edges along with small gaps in plaque borders enable water to run off to preserve the face of the plaque.


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