Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium plaques are more suited to indoor applications or where regular maintenance is possible and budget is a factor.

Aluminium plaques are cheaper due the lower cost per Kg of the Aluminium alloy and the aluminium alloy is also lighter. However Aluminium although corrosion resistant is not as resilient as Bronze.

The casting alloy of aluminium does not lend itself to polishing. Polished aluminium plaques are unavailable.

Aluminium Alloy specification. LM25
Generally 93% Aluminium, 7% Silicon.

Calculating the weight of an aluminium plaque

The weight of the plaque may be roughly estimated by calculating the plaque’s volume in cm (height x width x depth) x 2.7.

For most smaller plaques (under 90 cm x 80 cm) allow 0.65cm as the approximate depth. Use 0.9cm for plaques over 90cm x 80cm.

Example: For a 90 cm x 60cm plaque calculate 90 x 60 x 0.65 = 3510 cc x 2.7 = 9477 g.  The plaque’s estimated weight would be 9.5 kg or 21 lbs.