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Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium plaques are more suited to indoor applications or where regular maintenance is possible and budget is a factor.

Aluminium plaques are cheaper due the lower cost per Kg of the Aluminium alloy and the aluminium alloy is also lighter. However Aluminium although corrosion resistant is not as resilient as Bronze.

The casting alloy of aluminium does not lend itself to polishing. Polished aluminium plaques are unavailable.

Aluminium Alloy specification. LM25
Generally 93% Aluminium, 7% Silicon.

Calculating the weight of an aluminium plaque

The weight of the plaque may be roughly estimated by calculating the plaque’s volume in cm (height x width x depth) x 2.7.

For most smaller plaques (under 90 cm x 80 cm) allow 0.65cm as the approximate depth. Use 0.9cm for plaques over 90cm x 80cm.

Example: For a 90 cm x 60cm plaque calculate 90 x 60 x 0.65 = 3510 cc x 2.7 = 9477 g.  The plaque’s estimated weight would be 9.5 kg or 21 lbs.

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Truly personalise and embellish a plaque by including graphics that have meaning and purpose, whether it be a logo, a favourite flower, an animal or object, or maybe it is an elegant and personally drawn art design.

If your graphic can be drawn with pen or within a computer application, it will be able to be included in your plaque design.

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Font-Text_Styles-626x576Once you have chosen the wording, you will need to to choose the font, size, format and layout for the design.

Consider what font styles and sizes will enhance the comprehension of the reader.

They can include LARGER or bolder text for prominence; elaborate wedding script style text for an elegant title line; clearly readable body text , or italics to distinguish  “comments or quotes”.

All of our bronze plaques / memorial plaques are custom made. They can be designed to your specific needs and contain the text you require.

We can accommodate virtually any content you may desire.

Take a look at some of Our Plaque Designs and if you do not see one that appeals to your purpose, please call our designers – we have a no cost and no obligation policy, and are here to assist you.

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The standard bronze plaque borders consist of flat borders and are available at no extra cost on all standard sizes. Some designs are not practical on small namestrips under 5cm in height.

(SE) Straight Edge  (no border)

Branding with Business Names - Skellern's

(3SL) Single Line 3mm wide  Mounting-countersink_screw
(5SL) Single Line 5mm wide  Border(BE)-bevelled_edge_1
(BE) Bevel Edge ?
(5SLBE) Single Line Bevel Edge 5mm border  Border(SL)-singleline
(DL) Double Line  Border(DL)-doubleline_1
(OB) Ornamental Borders  Example of Ornamental borders

We also have a range of ornamental borders including Maori designs, Cabbage Tree edging, or an open book effect, etc.

The additional cost of creating and finishing these ornamental designs is worth considering to give your plaque that distinctive look.

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Background Textures

Our creative bronze memorial plaques and headstones have been developed with four alternative background textures or floors for you to choose from giving enhanced or distinctive looks.

SandBG_Texture-Sand The standard Sand texture background or floor behind the lettering is the finish that is naturally produced when the moulding sand that contains the casting is formed against a flat board. Most plaques are produced with this background.
StippleBG_Texture-Stipple This background is the second most popular background chosen by our clients and has the effect of a wet painted surface that has been dabbed repeatedly with a brush to produce the stipple effect.
LeatheretteBG_Texture-Leatherette This background has a cast surface that simulates the look of leather behind the letters.

call +64 9 827 4539 or Email Us for one of our experienced plaque designers to provide guidance on which style will best suit your plaque.

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Background Colour

Prior to Highlighting the letters the background is painted with a colour which assists in providing a contrast with the highlighted letters to make them stand out more.

We offer your option of two standard colours:


The standard and most popular colour is bronze/brown.

Acknowledging significant occasions & Service


The second most popular background is black. Black provides the best look for aluminium plaques.






Brown or black options are at no extra cost but if you wish to have the plaque finished in a different colour please call +64 9 828 9668 or Email Us and we will quote this price option.

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