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Lugs & Screws are used for a concealed mount where drilled lugs are added on the back of the plaque and screws used to hold in place for mounting to brick, stone or cement.

Flat backed plaques have no lugs or screw holes unless otherwise requested.

Flat backed plaques has no lugs or screw holes unless otherwise requested.


  1. Screws (or studs) attached into the lugs (threaded holes) on back of the plaque.
  2. Use the screws to locate the points on mounting surface and drill holes in mounting surface slightly larger than threaded screw.
  3. If wall is solid such as cement or brick;
    i)  Discard any washers or nuts and fill holes using ‘Liquid Nails’, ‘Epoxy’ or other permanent mastic.
    ii)  Push screws into the holes and anchor plaque until mastic hardens.
  4. If you can get to the back of the wall;
    i)  Insert screws through holes and have it held in place.
    ii)  From the rear, place washers on screws and secure with nut
  5. Use liquid epoxy in ribbons across the back of the plaque to assist gluing to the rock or wall surface.

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Mounting-countersink_screwCountersink screws are the smallest plaque mounting option.

This method of mounting is typical for mounting on a park bench or memorial wall. Plaque is mounted to surface using construction adhesive or by bolting from the rear. This option can be used on almost any surface. Wood screws can be used to fasten directly into timber or machine screws selected for mounting when fastening to a solid wall such as concrete.


  1. Using holes in plaque to locate points on mounting surface, drill holes in mounting surface to accommodate expansion sleeve.
  2. Insert expansion sleeves into all holes.
  3. Insert screws through plaque and fasten into expansion sleeves.
  4. You can use liquid epoxy in ribbons across the back of the plaque to assist gluing to the timber or concrete surface.


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MEMORIAL & HEADSTONE TRIBUTES – For the People you love

We recognise the heartache that comes with the loss of a love one,  and acknowledge the importance of creating a lasting tribute to their memories and love . This gallery will provide you with some examples of the elegant & timeless headstones and memorials we have created.

Use the arrows at lower of image to navigate the Headstones & Memorials for people gallery.

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Whether it be designs for your home or business branding, our plaques are customised to achieve a professional and elegant appearance.

Use the arrows at lower of image to navigate the Bronze Plaques for Branding and Decor Gallery.

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Truly personalise and embellish a plaque by including graphics that have meaning and purpose, whether it be a logo, a favourite flower, an animal or object, or maybe it is an elegant and personally drawn art design.

If your graphic can be drawn with pen or within a computer application, it will be able to be included in your plaque design.

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The standard bronze plaque borders consist of flat borders and are available at no extra cost on all standard sizes. Some designs are not practical on small namestrips under 5cm in height.

(SE) Straight Edge  (no border)

Branding with Business Names - Skellern's

(3SL) Single Line 3mm wide  Mounting-countersink_screw
(5SL) Single Line 5mm wide  Border(BE)-bevelled_edge_1
(BE) Bevel Edge ?
(5SLBE) Single Line Bevel Edge 5mm border  Border(SL)-singleline
(DL) Double Line  Border(DL)-doubleline_1
(OB) Ornamental Borders  Example of Ornamental borders

We also have a range of ornamental borders including Maori designs, Cabbage Tree edging, or an open book effect, etc.

The additional cost of creating and finishing these ornamental designs is worth considering to give your plaque that distinctive look.

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