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Book Style Plaques

A book style plaque gives a sense of telling a story with the impression of a book.

There are 3 Book Style plaques available in 2 standard sizes.

  • Flat book,
  • Raised Book
  • Loose Leaf Raised Book

Flat Book

The Flat Book styled plaque is a flat plaque that contains a book style border.

Raised Book

The Raised Book style has a substantial depth of approximately 3cm and has the effect of book pages layered up to the feature face around the edges.


Loose Leaf Raised Book

This type of Memorial Plaque has a base frame that looks like an open book with 2 removable “plaque pages”. It is designed for a memorial where a second inscription is likely to be added or updated at a later date.

One or both sides can be replaced with an updated “plaque page” at a later date.


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